Alpha 4 - Debug console & Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! Happy holidays, there is nothing special going on in the game (unfortunately) but there is an update. Alpha 4 brings a lot of minor features and fixes, but mainly adds the debug console (toggleable by pressing ` or ') and, of course, adds the next bit of story, it is a very small bit but is major to the story. Details (big and also contains a bit of spoilers):

Alpha 4:
Added next section
Fixed spellings
Edited some text
Added text telling the user to wait

Added loading at the start of the game (very quick)

Edited visual effects (again)

Added debug console (Press ` or ')
Added debug commands:
    set_progress <progress>
    set_border <intensity> (0 - 1 float, above 1 makes barely any text visible)
    set_blur <intensity> (0 - 1 float, above 1 makes the text very blurry)
    disable_pp (Post Processing, blur and border)
    enable_pp (Post Processing, blur and border)
    set_oxygen <oxygen> (0 - 100 float)

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