v0.5.0 - Boss and a lot of fixes, tweaks and small additions!


Hey everyone! (New update format, how do you like it?) The v0.5.0 update is out, it has a boss, a bit of story, and a lot of fixes, tweaks and small additions! The long list of details can be seen below (21, biggest yet!):

Fixed talking to local people when they have nothing to talk about
Fixed setting enemies after saving
Made enemy count random
Added travel feature
Added zombie enemy
Changed how enemies change as the player levels up
Changed inspection screen
Added inspect option in battle
Changed balance of the game
Made logs in encounters in the middle
Made not enough mana warning go in the log
Made logs clear on input
Made enemies properly upgrade as there level progresses
Fixed that the take option at the end of a encounter is red
Made equipment gain screen say the old equipment name when before it just said stats
Made enemies list damage they dealed to player
Fixed that when leveling up, health and mana didn't increase with stats
Added boss fight when traveling to the capital Moonlight
Fixed that if you have enough experience to level up several times after one battle you will
Fixed that when skipping dialog the first character of the rest would be repeated twice
Fixed that if an attack made mana deplete to 0 the game would think you didn't have enough

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